Harvesting with Carmen Braidwood

Episode: #6
Airdate: 7th June 2020
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Story Title: Harvesting with Carmen Braidwood

Destination WA’s Carmen Braidwood joins Trevor in the garden for a harvest.

  • When it comes to harvesting, autumn and early winter are surprisingly bountiful, with both unusual and popular fruit and vegetables coming through.
  • Habaneros chili is incredibly hot – don’t try it unless you’re sure you can handle it!
  • Avocados are incredibly good for you – your heart, joints, eyes and brain will thank you.
  • Coriander is a controversial herb – you either love it or you hate it.
  • The jaffa orange originated in Israel’s port city of Jaffa. They are known for its lovely, strong flavour.