Herb Highlight – Kitchen Essentials

Episode: #6
Airdate: 7th June 2020
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Story Title: Herb Highlight – Kitchen Essentials

Herbs and spices bring incredible flavours to meals, and growing them yourself is incredibly easy.

  • Swan Valley Nursery’s Kitchen Essentials range can be found across many garden centres across Australia. They are the leading growers of edible plants, with an incredibly large range.
  • Herbs can grow well in the ground, but grow best in pots – and not only do they grow well, they look fantastic as well.
  • All you need is a pot or bowl at least 20cm in diameter and some quality potting mix. Look for the red ticks on the bag, and check for extra ingredients – ideally seaweed, fish, Blood n Bone, a controlled release fertiliser or feather meal.
  • The Kitchen Essentials range is extensive – you can choose from oregano, which should be planted on the edge; onion chives; thyme, which is good for the mind and goes well on a roast.
  • Don’t be scared to cram your herbs into the pot. They will grow fast, so keep harvesting as often as possible.
  • Plant in full sun, and make sure you start a liquid feeding regime after a few weeks to support and sustain the growth.