Episode: #5
Airdate: 31st May 2020
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Story Title: Tamarillo

If you love hardy fruit trees, you may want to plant a tamarillo tree in your garden – it’s prolific and needs little additional care to deliver great crops.

  • The tamarillo fruit is quite unusual – rather than being sweet, it has a savoury tang and has often been described as a cross between a passionfruit and a tomato.
  • Tamarillo tastes fantastic with cheese and biscuits, or can be turned into a jam or paste to use on pizza bases to compliment white meats such as chicken and pork.
  • You can buy tamarillo trees from most garden centres, but it is also easy to grow from seed – you just need a pot, some quality potting mix and the seed.
  • Scotts Performance Naturals has special additives including Blood n Bone, seaweed and feather meal, which is a byproduct of chicken farming that offers a rich source of nitrogen.
  • Fill your pot with soil, firm it down with your hands and spread the seed across the surface. You should get around 50 seeds from a tamarillo fruit.
  • As the plant grows, pull out the smaller shoots, leaving the strongest to do their thing. Within two years, the tree will be as tall as you and will start producing fruit.
  • Performance Natural’s special additives are the result of years of scientific research, resulting in a potting mix that’s perfect for this exotic fruit.