Herb Highlight - Edible Herbs for Pots

Episode: #3
Airdate: 17th May 2020
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Story Title: Herb Highlight - Edible Herbs for Pots

Swan Valley Nursery have identified a group of plants that are particularly well suited for growing in pots – perfect for those with a small garden.

  • This collection offers everything from fruit through to leafy veggies and herbs, including Vietnamese spinach, thyme and kale.
  • When growing edibles in pots, you want to make sure you’re planting them up against each other. Make sure you’re planting in good soil and providing the proper nutrients – a liquid feed will provide sustained growth.
  • Troforte M Vegetable & Herb is the key to sustain growth, offering a rich mineral diet for your plants.
  • All of the plants in the collection will be hardier and will grow faster with a bi-monthly application of this plant food. It will feed the soil, which will then feed the plants.
  • Flavours will be stronger in plants grown like this, and the mix of nutrients delivered to your body will be much stronger – you won’t need to supplement your diet with vitamin tablets.
  • Swan Valley Nursery herbs can be found in Bunnings and leading garden centres.