Plants for happy cats

Episode: 1
Title: Plants for happy cats
Broadcast: March 2 2019
Presenter: Sam Sorensen

We love our cats and our gardens, so why not help the two get along? There’s some fantastic, pet friendly plants out there, ideal for any sized garden and they are bound to keep your cat purring all day long.

  • By growing your own cat friendly garden, you can help your pet with a few extra nutritional supplements all in a completely natural way.
  • There’s a huge array of plants available that will keep your cat happy, including catnip, pet grass and cat mint. Your cat will love you for them!
  • Pet grass is a fantastic source of minerals and fibre that can help eliminate the irritable furball, which is particularly common for our indoor feline friends. It satisfies their grass eating urges and stops them from destroying the rest of your garden or eating unsafe plants.
  • Cat thyme is an attractive pet-safe plant for the garden. It has a beautiful aroma, a gorgeous pink flower, and was once used for its antiseptic and astringent properties. A great idea is to dry out the herb and stuff it in your cat’s favourite toy.
  • Catnip is the most popular and well-known of the pet plant collection. It provides your cat with an irresistible scent and a natural high. Cats really do love this plant and will insist on rolling all over it, so make sure it’s planted in a suitable spot.